As the snow was melting a flock of fieldfare’s descended


About three of four days ago, I came home and picked up my camera to take my daily photo for the 365 page (see link top left). On the fir tree were some birds which at first I mistook for thrushes, but on closer inspection it was a bird I didn’t recognise – the same speckled chest, but it had in addition a yellow glow on it’s tummy and a handsome grey head. I quickly looked it up online, for some reason the name fieldfare popped into my mind, so perhaps my dad many years ago had pointed this out to me, as it turned out my intuition was right.


So I quickly took some photos, there was a flock of about ten behaving in a funny way in my opinion…they would settled on branches of various trees and fences and on the floor, then would be startled suddenly and fly off in a flock in a circle before coming back down again. They repeated this behaviour a few more times while I watched, it was lovely to observe a bird I knew little about.


Having done some brief research, I have found out the birds are migratory, so these I saw had probably flown south to us from northern Europe, for a milder winter climate. They are omnivores, and enjoy insects, worms and in winter berries. Here you can see some of the flock enjoying some berries in my neighbour’s garden.