Coastal Garden Project, stage 2, bare bones

Today was ear numbingly cold, so it was particularly hard to get out into the garden to get on with this project. Time is precious while my husband is off work, so I had to crack on. I started by laying the bricks in the trench I created yesterday, fortunately I had just enough good ones, leaving three or four very crumbly ones (I pillaged these off a neighbour) I then excavated a little trench to make a path leading up to the circle, with sandstone slabs, and cobbles to go in between. I levelled off the earth and compressed it with my feet, before covering with hardcore. Next went down a 5cm level of sand to form a base for the cement.




That’s as far as I got before retreating inside. I actually popped to the garden centre to get more supplies, then it started snowing, so I decided to postpone the rest until tomorrow. So watch this space!


Rugged Month


The Anglo Saxons called the month of March Hyld monath which means stormy month, or Hraed monath which means rugged month. I rather like this, and it’s particularly true this year! We have another batch of heavy snow in Sussex that descended on us quite suddenly and a little unexpectedly. I knew some snow was forecast, but here on the coast we always take that with a pinch of salt (pardon the pun) as the sea air often melts the snow more so than inland. It wasn’t very welcome I have to say, but as always with nature, we are at it’s mercy.


So everything sleeps for a bit longer under this snowy blanket, meaning spring will come even later

Snow on the coast

Snow has been much anticipated in my house the past few days, with three children under 6 you can imagine the excitement! Actually we didn’t receive as much as forecast, much to the little ones’ disappointment. It didn’t stop them scraping together as much as possible to make the obligatory snowman though…




We are forecast a bit more tonight and tomorrow, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a few more fluffy pictures of the garden before it all melts away for another year