Coastal Garden Project – Stage 4, Gravel

With the sun shining, I pressed on today with the back breaking work of planting everything into the weed membrane. I underestimated the difficulty of this, although with time and practise I developed a technique to speed things up.



First I would cut a cross hair into the fabric, slightly larger than the pot I was going to plant, then I folded the four fabric flaps inwards, under the fabric, this made it much easier to get into the grass with a spade or trowel. I dug up the grass along with a good plug of soil, removed this, then infilled with gravel, sand, compost and water retaining granules. I also infilled with this mixture after planting, then pulled the fabric flaps back up around the plant to avoid any grass from growing up around the base.

After most of the days arranging plants and slabs of stone, I finally came to the point where I could release the gravel. Only just in time as it then began to rain!


As you can see I’m well below the amount of gravel I need, so I will have to top it up quite a bit over the next few days. Also the plants look a bit lost right now, but they will hopefully soon spring up and spread out to fill up gaps. I have a lot of plants growing from seed to go in too, like bronze fennel, white cosmos and nepeta. This project will take a few years to get established, but I’m really pleased to have got this far so soon. I’ve just got to add the wooded edge to stop the gravel flowing onto the grass, then behind that the yew hedging that will border this area off from the grass.