July Going Over

So it’s the last day of July, I feel I need to bookmark the month which was summer for us, before we roll into August. The garden has filled out, billowed out, pushed out it’s boundaries and now it feels like it’s slowly sighing as it’s peak has passed.


Creating the coastal garden has given the garden as a whole an established feel, it’s structure has worked really well next to my new studio, breaking up the space. The palette has worked really well, being mostly cool with mauves, blues, and rust tinged foliage with the odd accent colour, hot orange, yellow, purple and a hint of white here and there from Queen Anne’s Lace. The faded Euphorbias have acted like a point of continuity, as their colours mellow, they contain all the tints from other parts of the borders.





The spines/buds of the Crocosmia Lucifer work well against the steely blue foliage of Rosa Glauca


A welcome visitor, this beautiful poppy ‘popped up’ in my asparagus patch



The verbena acts as a screen at the end of the coastal garden as is great at attracting butterflies and bees


Lillies brought from my mums garden, with some antirrhinum  grown from seed I collected last autumn. They grew so well I had all around the front of my borders!


The sea holly was a little disappointing in size and height (not sure how big it is supposed to grow, but mine is only about a foot high) but nevertheless is full of flowers.



The children got their own play area, with playhouse, sand pit and raised bed to grow just what they like.



Right next to the strawberry patch too, which was largely enjoyed by the slugs.

There is so much to talk about, it’s hard to pack it all in, watch our for the veg patch installment…





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