Veggie patch in June

To be honest the veg patch has been pretty neglected from about the middle of May this year, just because I’ve been so busy. Fortunately I had got most of what I needed to plant in the ground by that point, but I have fallen behind with successional planting of all the essentials like lettuce, beetroot, peas etc. So no doubt I’ll have a glut of most things then a drought! I don’t mind as I’ve had so much else going on in the garden this year, having any veg at all is a bonus.

I’m probably doing myself down a little here, as looking at my photos, the beds are full with plants, and I’ve already eaten my first broad beans, carrots, lettuce and radishes.


You can only really see the potatoes here (Saxon earlies) and broad beans (white windsor). Also in this bed are french beans (donated by mum as mine were eaten by slugs), beetroot choggia, latvian soup pea and dwarf berlotti beans.


This was supposed to be my roots bed, but it’s been hijacked by all sorts of things, like sweetcorn, courgette, sweet peas, french beans …you get the idea. Also under the cloche are my quinoa plants, a complete experiment which will be interesting to see how they progress and whether at some point I’ll be munching on a home grown quinoa salad.


Gladiator parsnips looking healthy


Garlic harvested today (because some were going a bit mouldy, so had to lift it) They were planted last September, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed at their growth, but it’s probably down to the cold weather.

When I had a moment I will download the photos from my phone to update further.





4 thoughts on “Veggie patch in June

  1. My garlic are small too, even smaller than usual, I don’t think I give them enough space, but that said I plant onions very closely too and this year they are quite big, due to all the rain.

  2. I think we all need to consider growing alternative grains.. Imagine if we had to live on what we grow.. I’m always interested in finding alternatives..will be interested to see how the quinoa pans out! They grow tea in Cornwall!!! I’m all for trying to grow as much as we can to become more self sufficient whilst keeping the eco balance…

  3. Lovely photos. My veg garden has to be moved (we built over half of it!), and I’m looking at a soggy corner of empty field at the moment! I think some raised beds will be the way to go to get some veg in this year…

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