Wonderful things have happened in my absence

I’ve become painfully aware of my growing silence! Since Chelsea I’ve been meaning to update many times but so much has been happening I’ve fallen behind. The Chelsea post will come, but that’s a whole subject in itself, but to be honest we didn’t have a good time as we picked the only day it poured with rain and the temperature fell to about 10C, so to say the least it wasn’t a great day out. Shame, but not the end of the world.

So what’s been going on? well, back at the end of May we updated our garden furniture, which made a significant difference to our deck area. We gave the deck a good clean up and with the new arrivals the beach garden really took on a new feel. You may remember at the end of May I wrote a piece about my gardening inspiration, well I’m thrilled to say this post won me a fab Fire Pit, courtesy of Green Lane Allotments and Select Furniture. This will set the new furniture off wonderfully, I can’t wait to fire it up on a warm evening (hoping!) or really I should say a cold one, so we can warm up!



Now we can really enjoy being in the garden instead of precariously perching on a rather uncomfortable set of metal chairs, which have served us well for at least 6 years.

We can also now all eat in the garden, so far we’ve enjoyed the first BBQ and breakfast out here.


Shortly after the beginning of June, we received news our garden studio was ready to be installed. I shall write about this in my next post, but to say the least it was VERY exciting! To add to the frenzy we ordered the children a raised play house, like this one…


This will go up right at the end of the garden, behind the veg patch, we’ll landscape a small area, so the children can have their own sand pit and raised bed, to dig to their hearts content…

So there is a lot happening right now, that’s not even to mention the two kittens that have just joined our lives!

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