Garden Studio, it’s up!


A couple of weeks ago, the team from The Timber Workshop Company arrived to erect my long awaited studio. I missed the large part of it’s build, but I managed to catch a couple of photos of work-in-progress


The underfloor, deck and below the roof going on.



The finished article (a bit wonky!) Then the following weekend, my mum and I painted the exterior and window frames to give it some protection. I was deliberating for a while over the colour, but in the end opted for a dark slate grey because I thought it would be a good contrast against the gravel garden and offset the bright colours of flowers in the foreground.


I was initially concerned at how much of the lawn it has taken up, but now I don’t think that way at all. I love the way it breaks up the garden and lead the eye around the corner. It also offers us some privacy behind the studio to play with the children. The deck at the front is a nice place to sit in the late evening sun, I can imagine having a break for inspiration out there in the future.


Catalpa leaves against the woodwork

Now all is to be done is to finish the interior, then I can finally get to work on all the projects I’ve had on hold for many years.







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