Veggie patch in June

To be honest the veg patch has been pretty neglected from about the middle of May this year, just because I’ve been so busy. Fortunately I had got most of what I needed to plant in the ground by that point, but I have fallen behind with successional planting of all the essentials like lettuce, beetroot, peas etc. So no doubt I’ll have a glut of most things then a drought! I don’t mind as I’ve had so much else going on in the garden this year, having any veg at all is a bonus.

I’m probably doing myself down a little here, as looking at my photos, the beds are full with plants, and I’ve already eaten my first broad beans, carrots, lettuce and radishes.


You can only really see the potatoes here (Saxon earlies) and broad beans (white windsor). Also in this bed are french beans (donated by mum as mine were eaten by slugs), beetroot choggia, latvian soup pea and dwarf berlotti beans.


This was supposed to be my roots bed, but it’s been hijacked by all sorts of things, like sweetcorn, courgette, sweet peas, french beans …you get the idea. Also under the cloche are my quinoa plants, a complete experiment which will be interesting to see how they progress and whether at some point I’ll be munching on a home grown quinoa salad.


Gladiator parsnips looking healthy


Garlic harvested today (because some were going a bit mouldy, so had to lift it) They were planted last September, I have to say I’m a bit disappointed at their growth, but it’s probably down to the cold weather.

When I had a moment I will download the photos from my phone to update further.





A perfect June?

Once again as I walked around the garden tonight in cold blustery winds and drizzle whipping against my face, I wondered whether we will ever get a ‘normal’ summer again. The problem being nobody knows what to expect anymore, so for the seasoned gardener, this throws up all sorts of quandries. What should we plant to cope with such conditions? Despite this gloomy outlook, I’m impressed at the inbuilt resilience of most plants, determined to fulfill their destiny, their life cycle, despite inclement weather. Strawberries are still ripening, tomatoes flowering and the vegetables are looking particularly lush.

This is still my favourite time of year, summed up perfectly by the words of Gertrude Jekyll:

What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.

Around the garden plants are filling out nicely. I’m really pleased at the way the coastal gravel garden has matured so quickly. My only minor quibble being that I have overdone the blue a bit and could do with some balance from some yellows/oranges. Yet there aren’t many yellow flowers available in the garden centre at this time of year, the only plants I could find were poppies and marigolds.

My mystery weeds turned out to be capanulas, which was a pretty good result as I had nurtured these plants through the winter not knowing what they were!


Aqualegias and rosa glauca



The ox-eyed daisies I grew from seed the year before last are huge!


Ayrshire Splendens, a new climbing rose I bought earlier in the year, has beautiful crimson tinged buds that open to a pale pink, gradually fading to white. I can’t wait for it to get climbing up the plum tree. A few more highlights…


One of my grasses flowering vigorously


My primula bulleyana







Garden Studio, it’s up!


A couple of weeks ago, the team from The Timber Workshop Company arrived to erect my long awaited studio. I missed the large part of it’s build, but I managed to catch a couple of photos of work-in-progress


The underfloor, deck and below the roof going on.



The finished article (a bit wonky!) Then the following weekend, my mum and I painted the exterior and window frames to give it some protection. I was deliberating for a while over the colour, but in the end opted for a dark slate grey because I thought it would be a good contrast against the gravel garden and offset the bright colours of flowers in the foreground.


I was initially concerned at how much of the lawn it has taken up, but now I don’t think that way at all. I love the way it breaks up the garden and lead the eye around the corner. It also offers us some privacy behind the studio to play with the children. The deck at the front is a nice place to sit in the late evening sun, I can imagine having a break for inspiration out there in the future.


Catalpa leaves against the woodwork

Now all is to be done is to finish the interior, then I can finally get to work on all the projects I’ve had on hold for many years.







Wonderful things have happened in my absence

I’ve become painfully aware of my growing silence! Since Chelsea I’ve been meaning to update many times but so much has been happening I’ve fallen behind. The Chelsea post will come, but that’s a whole subject in itself, but to be honest we didn’t have a good time as we picked the only day it poured with rain and the temperature fell to about 10C, so to say the least it wasn’t a great day out. Shame, but not the end of the world.

So what’s been going on? well, back at the end of May we updated our garden furniture, which made a significant difference to our deck area. We gave the deck a good clean up and with the new arrivals the beach garden really took on a new feel. You may remember at the end of May I wrote a piece about my gardening inspiration, well I’m thrilled to say this post won me a fab Fire Pit, courtesy of Green Lane Allotments and Select Furniture. This will set the new furniture off wonderfully, I can’t wait to fire it up on a warm evening (hoping!) or really I should say a cold one, so we can warm up!



Now we can really enjoy being in the garden instead of precariously perching on a rather uncomfortable set of metal chairs, which have served us well for at least 6 years.

We can also now all eat in the garden, so far we’ve enjoyed the first BBQ and breakfast out here.


Shortly after the beginning of June, we received news our garden studio was ready to be installed. I shall write about this in my next post, but to say the least it was VERY exciting! To add to the frenzy we ordered the children a raised play house, like this one…


This will go up right at the end of the garden, behind the veg patch, we’ll landscape a small area, so the children can have their own sand pit and raised bed, to dig to their hearts content…

So there is a lot happening right now, that’s not even to mention the two kittens that have just joined our lives!