General Round Up

Every day I’m in the garden now, pottering around finding jobs, fixing things, planting, moving plants etc. For this reason I thought I’d post a general ramble about the things I’ve been up to.

This weekend was particularly windy, with mostly sunny spells and today late in the afternoon, rain. The temperature has dropped a few degrees and seems set to continue in this vein for this week ahead. Regardless of this, many of the plants in the garden are coming on apace, putting on growing that is almost visible! I looked at my comfrey last week and it was the size of a football, but today it’s doubled in size and has flowers coming fast.

At last my Catalpa tree has small leaves unfurling, this has been long awaited! I don’t have any photos of it in leaf as I bought it in autumn when they had already dropped. My Sorbus Hupenhensis Pink Pagoda, or mountain ash, has also just come into leaf.


The pear blossom has once again been fantastic this year, although I fear how many have actually set, since all the past week has been windy, so unfortunately we have seen most of it blown across the lawn.


My apple tree, an Egremont Russet is also looking a lot healthier this year and has put on good blossom. I have high hope for a few apples this year, last year we had nothing at all!


The same for the pear, we only spotted two pears on the whole tree, which is pretty big and established. The previous year when we viewed the house with the estate agent, the tree was dripping with pears, and I got very excited at the prospect of owning it. Now for any of you out there who know a thing or two about fruit trees, should I remove any set apples on my apple tree?

In the vegetable garden, progress has been slow, but seedlings are about to emerge. My carrots and parsnips germinated quickly, in fact this is the quickest I have ever know parsnips seeds to come up, perhaps they know they are late for the party!


Parsnip gladiator, Giant red carrot and marigold

The broad beans (White Windsor) have really established and are shooting up with flower buds, along with some Reine de Glace lettuce.


In the onion bed, the sets have gone in , and my home grown red shallots were planted last week too, they are tiny, but last year I planted my own grown onions a bit too late and they never got going before the rain set in.

013Look carefully!

I’ve sown many other things too such as beetroot, spinach, radish, rocket, chard and planted out my summer calabrese and winter kale. So not doing too bad all in all.

There are many other jobs to do, today I have been moving some fruit bushes to make a designated children’s play area. The fruit bushes really aren’t going to like this at all, but to be honest where they are now, they are being constantly trampled by the kids and the lawnmower so there is nothing to lose! I have made a designated fruit bed instead of another raised vegetable bed. I will have to slightly reduced the number of fruit bushes I have for a short while until I can clear the side beds of dumped turf, to free up space.


The new fruit area will extend from here up to the apple tree by the shed, I will mulch and possibly cover with black plastic to suppress weeds. Next year I plan to build a netted cage around to protect them from birds.

022A new home for the climbing hydrangea and rose

So for now that’s where I’m up to. My next hard job is to move more turf and level an area for the new garden studio. I have already moved my rambling rose and climbing hydrangea to the opposite fence to allow for the new building too. Not long now, only 3 weeks!

2 thoughts on “General Round Up

  1. Hello, looks like you’ve been busy. Re the apple tree, some people remove some of the smaller ones if it looks like they’ll be overcrowded, but our old one often has a “June drop” when lots of the tiny ones just fall off. Looks like it will be a good year for fruit judging by all the blossom. Debbie.

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