A Little Chaos

I’m reading a lovely book at the moment called ‘A Gentle Plea for Chaos’ (reflections from an English garden) by Mirabel Osler. It’s one of those books you’d have in the bathroom for occasional perusal if you know what I mean. Mirabel tranformed her own garden with the help of  her husband under the guiding principle that neatness is the enemy of creativity.

‘A mania for neatness, a lust for conformity – and away go atmosphere and sensuality’. The book is an appeal for a return to a little ‘amiable disorder’, to the sense of enchantment and  vitality that comes with a more random and intuitive approach to gardening, to an awareness of the dynamics of a garden where plants are allowed to scatter as they please’

I have to say I have been guilty in the past for over zealous weeding, allowing bare patches of earth which look pretty ugly to be honest. As a response to this, this year I have sprinkled various annual seeds around the bare patches, and I’m standing back to let the lot grow, weeds and all. Of course if I see docks or dandelions that’s a different matter!! I’ve also let the edges of the lawn grow long to allow for bulbs to take there time to flower and die down. This add to  that lovely fuzzy May effect, where the hard edges of stems and branches are softened by fresh green leaves.

This week the garden has truly filled out and put on almost visible growth, every day is a feast for the eyes. I think May must be my favourite month.

2 thoughts on “A Little Chaos

  1. Things are streaking ahead now aren’t they – I love may too but then again it is my birthday month!

    As for tidy – I just love it when plants mix in together as long as they all have enough space to grow.

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