A burgeoning rose walk

Behind my new hedge there is a small corridor on the right that will lead to my new garden studio. I thought it would be lovely to have some of my favourite plants here, like roses and peonies, scented clematis. Once the studio is in place I’m thinking of planting annuals around the porch, cosmos, bronze fennel, cornflower, all very blousey and romantic. I also have night scented stock and evening primrose which are both plants I love but haven’t grown for a long time.

I started a bed today as I had some spare plants from reorganising the space which became the gravel garden. As you can see this is a particularly clayey part of the garden (that’s a technical term). I had to incorporate lots of compost, grit and manure to break it up and improve drainage.


I had picked up a rose ‘cardinal de richelieu’ in a plant sale for a great price, and a pink rose, which name I have forgotten (!) My peony Sarah Bernhardt has gone in here, with some mixed alliums (very late I know, but I thought I would throw them in anyway) and some alchemilla mollis I had to rehouse, which I though would look good around the base of the roses. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this looks in a couple of months.



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