The dividing line

After the last week of warm weather, I can feel the pace of change in the garden. It’s picking up momentum, I feel a bit on edge that I should be doing something garden related at all times.

This past week I have got quite a lot done, hopefully I’ll get to post about it all in due course. First of all I managed to finish off part of the edging of the coastal garden by I planting the yew hedge that arrived last Friday. It had to go in quickly as they were bare root, and it’s right at the end of the bare root season. The preparation took quite a bit of work, first digging a decent trench, and forking the bottom to improve drainage. I added rubble and grit to the soil, then a decent amount of compost to see them growing well. I have read that yew hates having it’s roots sitting in water, and as part of my garden floods, it is a risk. To be honest whatever I plant in that part of the garden will run some risk, but I thought by improving the drainage, it should give the young plants a really good chance. I opted for yew as I wanted a strong structural form that I could possibly clip ornamentally. I was thinking about box, but I’m too nervous about box blight that I thought it would be silly to plant this knowing it existed.


Yew bushes having a good soak for a couple of hours before planting


Preparing the trenches


The root systems on the yew plants was really good, so good I found it hard to fit in as many as I’d planned. So I decided to plant less bushes at the border of the coastal garden and create another hedge at the end of the lawn, before the vegetable patch. This ended up working well, as it formally broke up the garden into three compartments or rooms.



It looks pretty sparse at the moment, but as it fills out hopefully the yew ‘panels’ will break up the eyeline, drawing you through the garden beyond.

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