My Garden Studio

Have I not mentioned my garden studio before? No? Seriously?

Well, ever since moving here, I’ve wanted a space of my own to create art, make things, generally potter and be creative in the hope it will mould itself into a multi-million pound business (ok, perhaps in a few years!!)

I’ve been looking at a range of options for a studio in the garden, obviously on a pretty limited budget, taking into account I have to add an electricity supply. I have being trying to establish in my mind what I’m actually going to do in there as this greatly affects the kind of space I need in which to do it, if that makes sense. The list is pretty long; painting, textile dyeing; lino printing, etching, sowing and knitting. The textile dyeing really isn’t going to be p0ssible on a grand scale as you need a ‘wet’ room for this, so I will go and join a studio for this, but I can do prep work at home. So do I have a log cabin or prefab job or a fancy homemade construction?

The budget really has dictated this, so I have opted for a combination of prefab and customised design, I research local companies quite well and in the end I have chosen The Timber Workshop as it’s cabins/studios are more of a unique design and can be built to suit your needs. Their showroom in Northiam was pretty impressive too.




There is a little part of me that also just wants a lovely garden room with a veranda to sit on during a warm summer night with fragrant flowers all around….


Here is my design



I went for this design because it looks a bit more serious than just a summer room, but cabiny enough to fit into the garden style. It’s structure was made more sound by cross beams in the internal roof, and the windows are glazed with glass not plastic and can all be opened (which wasn’t the case with many other cabins I looked at).


It will be situated just beyond my new coastal garden area, to the right behind some bay trees.  I’m planning on painting it grey with off white trim, to fit with the coastal garden

I’ll be blogging more about the process over the next couple of months as work begins, excting!! …and after that I can blog about all the lovely garden inspired things I make in there :o)

3 thoughts on “My Garden Studio

  1. Hi Josephine, our magazine is put together from our logo cabin office, you should come over and check it out before you get too far in. I have some pitfalls and great ideas you’ll find of interest. I use it for over 10 hours almost every day.
    It started as one thing and has become quite another.

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