The first warm day this year

What a relief it was today to be able to go out in the garden without hat, gloves and a padded coat! A total joy to have a warm southerly wind blowing, not the harsh easterly wind we’ve had for too long.

Today I set the bricks in my circle in sand, and finished of laying the gravel and pebbles around the coastal garden. I’ve yet to finish the cobble path leading up to the circle, because I’m waiting for a good few dry days to allow the grouting to set.



Even now it’s almost finished, I feel it really needs that edging and hedge to separate this area from the lawn beyond. One thing I’m really enjoying is the way the lightness of the stone reflects light upwards and makes the decking look more appropriate between the garden and house.


The gravel also completely transforms the appearance of some plants that would otherwise be lost with grass as a background, dark colours and foliage obviously stand out more. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the plants growing and having some colour too.



As the night drew in, it was lovely to sit in the warm dusk, on the deck, something we’ve all been waiting a long time for I think.


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