Scenes from the kitchen greenhouse

This year I have decided to start some of my peas off inside. I alternate planting inside and out most years, depending on the weather, but as peas don’t like root disturbance, I tend to favour outside.

As we all know this has not been possible so far this year, and the raised bed I plan to plant them in still needs a little bit of prep. So I’ve opted for these compostable pots, to pop into the ground when the plants are ready. I used these before, but wasn’t keen on them as they tend to dry out really quickly if you turn your back for a moment. I’ve popped them in a gravel tray with water at the bottom, hoping this won’t happen this time around.

I have three varieties this year, Douce de Provence, Meteor and some petit pois I saved from last year ( I shall have to check my notes for the variety).


I’m going to sow a few of the first two varieties, then sow the petit pois direct in a couple of weeks. I’m mindful to stagger my planting this year, I almost got it right last year, although the last sowing succumbed to mildew in the damp weather.

Here is the slightly desperate scene from the other end of my kitchen, complete with slightly floppy tomatoes that could do with a daytime spell outside to toughen up. I’m wondering how long this warmer spell will last and when I’ll have the all clear to plant them up against that lovely south facing wall. I’m dreaming of tomatoes in July, yes July, not October, when I usually get ripe tomatoes.


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