Coastal Garden Project – Stage 3

Today we were without the children, they were staying with grandparents, which gave me an opportunity to get on with the coastal garden. The elements were against me, and it rained all morning till mid afternoon. When the clouds parted and sun finally appeared, I got right on with laying the weed membrane. I was going to dig up the grass, but seeing how much turf I already had lifted from the path and circle, I don’t think I have enough space to store it all. I’m hoping with the gravel on top it will be enough to suppress and kill the grass underneath (I did this on my allotment and it worked).



Working from left to right, I laid the fabric up to the border’s edge, which I have left as bare earth to enable me to plant more at the edges.



Gradually working my way up to the top of the brick circle, and laying the fabric underneath the bricks.


Could you believe it, when I got to the end I was half a metre short and had to send my other half to the garden centre for a little bit more!

The I laid all my plants (included some divided perenneals from the borders) on top of the fabric, and jiggled them around until I found roughly how I wanted them to be.




I added some sand and grit to the soil beneath each plant, as most of them would benefit from good drainage, such as this Stipa Gigantia. I’ve been meaning to move this for ages as it was sat in heavy clay and hardly grew at all last year. Hopefully it will take off now! Next to it I have Verbena Bonariensis and Euphoribia. Later I shall add californian poppies, bronze fennel and red salvias.



Lavender, hebe, another grass (the name I have forgotten, but it has tall whispy oaty flowers) and heather.



My miniature acer, I have another full sized acer that will be planted at the back of the circle.

Hopefully I will be able to finish the planting tomorrow, so I can get the gravel down before the children return, and dig it up no doubt!

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