Getting on with it

Seizing a moment of warm spring weather (yes can you believe it, must be the Eastbourne microclimate!) I got a few of those jobs done that should have been done over winter had it not been so wet.


I turned the compost heap, and piled it into another compost barrel, I do this every couple of months to provide me with a fresh batch. I find that just piling it up in one heap doesn’t work for me, so I adopt this two stage process. I now follow a method recommended by John Harrison over at, he recommends a layered approach, adding an activator in between, which could be manure, or grass clippings or a shop bought one – anything that will heat the pile up. I then make a sandwich of garden and kitchen scraps, newspaper/card, manure, then lime, then repeat the process till I reach the top. It made lovely compost that wasn’t too acidic (from adding the lime) so didn’t kill the vital worms that do all the good work.


I also got the kids into the garden to get them planting some seeds and plants for me, but they were more intent on digging compost with various earth moving machines, ah well at least they were outside.

I did manage to get Freyja to rake out the soil and help me get the broad bean plants in at last.


I also made a sweet pea support and planted those around in the corner of one of my raised beds. These seedlings are grown from a rogue sweet pea that appeared in my front garden, so I let it set seed and am excited to see one of the first examples of a plant I have grown from my own seed!


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