Gardener’s World is back!

I’m a real sucker for gardening tv. At this time of year all I want to do is read about, watch and immerse myself in all things garden related. This year more than most I’m craving to get out there on some dry spring days and get my hands muddy. As I write the rain pounds on the window and the weather forecast promises snow at the weekend! So it looks like another weekend looking out of the window imagining all the things I could be doing, and sowing seed.

All is not lost! Tonight see’s the return of Gardener’s World, my Friday night staple with a glass of wine during the growing year. I have missed this all winter, so I’m very excited to have it reinstated tonight. Other good garden related programmes on at the moment are The A-Z of Gardening, usually airs on Sunday morning: re-runs of Sissinghurst on BBC 4, and if you missed it, Monty Don’s French Gardens was a real treat. Also over the winter we saw a return to Carol Klein’s beautiful cottage garden, and watched it grown through the seasons, I can highly recommend the book that accompanies this series. That’s probably enough promotion for the BBC!


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