Taking Stock Part 1, trees, shrubs and climbers

Here are some of the plants I planted in 2012

Climbing Hydrangea, planted on the left fence, halfway down the garden, before the plum trees

climbing hydrangea


Clematis Triteanata Rubromarginata – trained up a plum tree to the right side halfway down the garden (gorgeous almond scent)


Paul’s Himalayan Musk, rambling rose – trained up a plum tree to the right fence, hoping it will ramble over that too!


Sorbus Hupenhensis Pink Pagoda, tree planted right at the bottom of the garden against the south facing brick wall



Catalpa bignonioides aurea, or Indian Bean Tree, this is halfway down the garden to the right, which will one day be next to my summerhouse, surrounded by prairie plants

Catalpa big Aurea


Prunus Chocolate Ice, next to the Catalpa

Prunus Chocolate Ice 318

Climbing Rose Compassion, on the right west facing brick wall



Physocarpus summer wine, in my ‘white’ border on the right side near the decking, it’s doing really well!



Climbing Rosa Gloire de Dijon – on the right fence, near the decking under the pear tree

Gloire de dijon

5 thoughts on “Taking Stock Part 1, trees, shrubs and climbers

    • Thanks Sue, glad to see your allotment site is alive and kicking as ever and full of great info! I can’t wait for the catalpa to come into leaf, there is a bit of a story behind that one which I’ll tell in the spring.

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