A year at no.20

With all my best intentions to document my first year at no.20, it has flown by in a flash (and a flood). Never mind, there is a new year approaching which I’m hoping will herald a more relaxed time at our new home, in which I can put some of my many plans for the garden into action. I have managed to create some of the aspects I had originally planned for this year, mainly creating my vegetable bed, which is 3/4 complete. I planted some trees, moved many plants around and generally watched the garden growing to see what we had inherited. Yet still I’m very excited about my patch of green, and am brimming with anticipation of new projects.

I cannot resist quoting Tim Smit, creator of the Lost Gardens of Heligan:

‘What I’ve learnt at Heligan more than anything is the sense of those cogs of time going round where every particular part of the year has a purpose. If you were to ask me what was my favourtie time of the year it would have been spring, summer or even autumn.But now it’s the end of Jan or beginning of February when everyone’s feeling really depressed and I feel like I’ve been let in on a magnificent secret when I see the bulbs burst out of the ground, and it feels fantastically hopeful. I wish, I wish I could translate my deep pleasure in knowing that to everybody.’

3 thoughts on “A year at no.20

  1. Despite the flooding, I consider many things a success, such as the vegetable patch which I got a considerable amount of produce from last year. I’ve also planted many things I’m really looking forward to seeing grow, some of which I will mention in a post coming soon. Wishing you a successful and productive 2013!

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