Food Politics

You may wonder why such a title is relevant to a blog about a new garden? Well I had always planned to give up a fair portion of the garden to growing produce for our table, even since having an allotment, I now realise what immense pleasure this give me. To be honest I’m not sure the work to produce ratio really makes it worthwhile if you were to work it on paper, but the process more than makes up for it in pleasure. It’s part of my weekly exercise, and I find it almost spiritually rewarding! The benefits in this respect far outweigh any element of chore in my opinion. Being at one with the natural cycles of life makes me feel connected to the world, and passing on this element of gardening to my children is really important to me. I truly believe that before long we will return to a more traditional system of food management, rejecting the more artificial and less sustainable method of farming since the 60’s. It’s already turning that way with people more aware of food provenance and seeking out local quality.

This ethos does get me into trouble a bit with my husband who is much more geared towards convenience which is ironic as he really loves good food. Somehow he fails to make that connection between simple good flavoured food and it being home grown. I think he feels I invest far too much of my time and money in growing my own produce for little return, but how could we measure the benefits in the health of the family? When I had my last son last June I feel ill with an infection that was probably quite hard for me to have avoided, but all the medical professionals were amazed at how I healed after an operation, I definitely put this down to the fact my mother was looking after me, cooking delicious meals made from fresh fruit and veg from both our allotments. I know a lot of work is now being done to improve awareness in hospitals of the importance of good nutrition in helping the body heal. It’s simple really, and I find it hard to understand how we arrived at a point where food meant so little in such a crucial situation.

On this note, yesterday I marked out my eight bed veg plot, and planted two more fruit trees. I’m truly looking forward to getting to know my new terroir and what bounties it will bring.

4 thoughts on “Food Politics

  1. Tell your husband that you are saving lots of money on gym membership.

    I’ve always been amazed at the poor quality of hospital food when as you say food is the building blocks of the body.

  2. Here, here! I’m sure the reason food from shops is cheap is because it does not properly reflect its value. Organically grown food tends to be more expensive than other kinds and even though that may, in part, be due to scale of production, I would also guess it’s because it costs more to produce.And at home, which is better – to pay to exercise in a gym or to pay for seeds in packets?

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